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Lead Pastor Search - Markham Missionary Church (Posted: Feb-2016)

Markham Missionary Church located in the rapidly growing multicultural City of Markham, Ontario has an opportunity for a Lead Pastor. We are looking for a Pastor with great interpersonal skills, gifted in strong biblical preaching, and team building. Someone with the heart of a servant leader who can work alongside the leadership team in equipping our church family. As a local fellowship of believers we desire to reach the local community in support of our vision: “We exist to celebrate God’s Love and good news by embracing all people in Jesus name.”

Markham Missionary Church History

Lead Pastor Profile

How to Apply

Job Description

Markham Missionary Church - History

The Markham church began in 1877 on farmland donated by Simon and Alice Raymer and was called Mount Joy United Mennonite Church. Originally located on Main Street (Hwy 48) in Markham, in 1947 the name was changed to the United Missionary Church. In 1969 the denomination merged with the Missionary Church Association and the name changed to the Missionary Church, and in 1993 the denomination joined with the Evangelical Church to become the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

In 1977, 100 years after its beginnings, the church was filled to capacity. Many new businesses were making Markham their headquarters, and new subdivisions were popping up in the area. North Markham Nursery School was started as a non-profit nursery school utilizing the church building, and was (and still is) used as an church outreach to the local community.  In 1987, to meet the needs of a growing community, construction of a new church building was commenced. The present facility was constructed on farmland donated by the Warriner family located on the north side of Major Mackenzie Drive, just east of McCowan Road. 

With the arrival of immigrants from many different countries settling in the Markham area a Chinese Language Ministries became part of Markham Missionary Church. The English congregation meets in the main auditorium (sanctuary) while the Chinese Languages service worship in the gymnasium.

Lead Pastor Profile

Priorities for Lead Pastor 

  • Loves the Lord God and is committed to the trustworthiness of His Word from Genesis through Revelation
  • Loves God’s people and possesses the heart of a true servant leader.
  • Prayer is routinely practiced and its power to bring about change affirmed.
  • Has a passion for reaching the lost, and challenging/engaging others to travel that journey with him.
  • Delivers Strong Solid Biblical Preaching and Teaching from both Testaments.

Leadership and Character Qualities (Lead Pastor Profile)

Well respected man of God, seasoned in the faith, and possessing proven leadership ability.

Actively affirms the inerrancy and truth of Scripture (God’s Word) from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21. Trusts that, where the Bible touches on the subject matter, nothing in the world can be truly understood apart from the LORD and His word as the foundation and starting point to any inquiry.  

Believes and affirms that a dynamic relationship with Christ includes regular communication with Him, and that coming before His throne in prayer corporately is empowered through those believers who practice a personal prayer life.  

Possesses strong interpersonal skills with the nuance of a “Servant-Leader” (loves and cares-about people).

Respect for MMC tradition and history, and sees it as a ministry to build on. 

Relates well to a mature congregation while confident in ability to bridge and build ministry across generational and ethno/cultural groups.   

Appreciation for a variety of worship styles and music. Feels that coming before the Lord in corporate worship through a blended style of music is honoring to the Lord, and that it is about heart not archetype.  

Works well as part of a team that includes other pastors, elders, and ministry leaders.

Agrees with the tenants of faith as expounded by the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC). Is accredited with, or willing to be credentialed by the EMCC.

Ministry Goals (Lead Pastor Profile)

  • Expositional biblical preaching that encourages and challenges spiritual growth.
  • Cast, inspire, and develop vision, and momentum for ministry (Vision Casting).
  • Enhance current ministry outreach in cooperation with leadership team (Bridge building).
  • Promote congregational "small groups" and the enhancement of the ministry.
  • Encourage the development of a deeper practice of prayer.
  • Engage in some visitation of shut-in & infirm members as part of the pastor-leadership team. In addition, encourage the development of a lay visitation team.

How to Apply

Applicants are asked to provide a typed one paragraph response for each of the following three questions:

  1. How would you describe "Servant leadership", and its application for a lead pastor?
  2. Please provide us with your perspective on chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis.
  3. Describe how you structure your sermons?

Please submit your answers along with a copy of your CV or Resume and your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notification & Timeline

All submissions for the position will be acknowledged. Those candidates selected to move forward in the process will be notified by email and/or phone. 

It is anticipated that the successful candidate will start in the position in autumn of 2017.

Denominational information for the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada can be found at www.emcc.ca